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First Chapters: The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins (with Savannah Gilbo)

The first analysis in what will be a 3-part episode series! 

Abigail and Savannah analyze the first chapter of the YA dystopian phenomenon, THE HUNGER GAMES  by Suzanne Collins. This is one of Abigail's and Savannah's favorite series....ever...and their passion for this story shines in their discussion about what (1) sets up big picture expectations for the main plot, and (2) what makes the opening pages a great first chapter. 

Tune in now to hear Abigail and Savannah's analysis, and don't forget to share your thoughts a you listen! Some key elements they take deep dives on include:

  • 7 key questions to ask about the opening pages (The Writer's Guide to Beginnings by Paula Munier
  • Characters we love (and why) 
  • When an opening of a daily routine works
  • Scenes versus beats and how Savannah and Abigail view the difference 
  • How to raise the personal and public stakes (in this first book and in a series) 
  • Plus, more!

Come study this juggernaut with Savannah and Abigail and let us know why you think the opening pages hook readers. 

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Resources mentioned in this episode:
 The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins
 The Writer’s Guide to Beginnings: How to Craft Story Openings That Sell by Paula Munier


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