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Rock on,



My name is Abigail and I'm obsessed with writing, editing, and studying stories that help us learn and grow in that process.


I also believe in outlines, a lot.

(*Psst: especially ones that celebrate women, diversity, and fantastical plots!*)

That's why I've dedicated the past decade working with top agents, writers, editors, producers, and educators in the publishing and entertainment industries to master story structure.


Today, I'm mentoring writers on how to write a story that engenders empathy in the reader, with striving characters that explore success, meaning, big social problems, and morals--preferably with external performance, love, and action stakes challenging the plot.


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Have an amazing story idea but not where to start? I've got you! Check out my Story Plan services to avoid hours of potential revisions and burn out. 

Finished a novel but not sure what to do next? My diagnostic,  

developmental, and querying services are here for you.

To infinity and beyond.  


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