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G'day, Writers!

Abigail K. Perry is an Outline Instructor and Developmental Editor with over a decade of experience in publishing and film. Some of her qualifications include: Certified Story Grid Editor, Fiction/Fantasy Writer, Agency Relations Assistant for P.S. Literary Agency, Outliner/Editor for Relay Publishing, and Monthly Columnist for DIY MFA.


Abigail earned her B.S. in TV, Radio, and Film from Syracuse University (S.I. Newhouse School of Publications) and Master’s in Secondary Education from Endicott College. She created and taught three creative writing and film courses at the high school level for several years; she continues to teach writers at her local bookstore and through her Outline Worth the While email list. She has an awesome podcast coming out soon!   

Abigail specializes in mentoring writers on how to write a story that engenders empathy in the reader, with striving characters that explore success, meaning, big social problems, and morals--preferably those with external performance, love, and action stakes challenging the plot. Abigail has spent over a decade learning from top writers, agents, editors, producers, and educators to master this craft, including the team at Overbrook Entertainment and Senior Literary Agent Carly Watters of P.S. Literary Agency. 

Believing stories are a powerful way to connect people and the world around us, she writes, edits, and studies stories that help us learn and grow from that process. Abigail is currently under contract to write the Story Grid masterwork guides for Hamilton and some of the Harry Potter series (woot woot!).   

She can't wait to see all the magic you engender with your stories. 

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"You can make anything by writing."
-- C. S. Lewis

The Nitty-Gritty of Abigail's Resume

I've dedicated the last decade to studying storytelling methodology to help writers get their books published. 

Along the way, here are the credentials I've picked up:

  • I'm the Agency Relations Assistant for P.S. Literary. In this role I manage communication and maintain positive relationships between the agency and clients by creating and sending milestone, celebration, and birthday emails, undertakes important client- related tasks for the business manager and agency president, such as collecting research for the monthly client spotlight presentation, monitoring and reporting on cliental monthly activities.

  • I was an Editorial Intern for P. S. Literary Agency. I worked closely with VP Carly Watters completing duties like: read partials and full manuscripts, nonfiction proposals, tracked submissions and managed the extensive query inbox that receives about 2,000 queries a month, wrote readers reports and R&R letters for slush submissions, engaged in discussion on manuscripts and evaluated material via e-mail and phone, completed research projects on the market including content used in the monthly agency newsletter, wrote pitch letters for submission, worked on title ideas for manuscripts, maintained detailed schedules while working a full-time job.


  • I'm a Certified Story Grid Editor who completed intensive training with Shawn Coyne (25+ years editing experience and author of The Story Grid)  and book launch marketer Tim Grahl on the Story Grid editing methodology and how to run a successful freelance editing business. This methodology is what I use to teach writers how to master their stories; it is also one of the ways I analyze scenes and story longevity in my vlog and podcast.

  • I am an outliner and editor for Relay Publishing. I work in teams of 3 (an outliner, editor, and writer) to write psychological thrillers with exceptional structure that successfully excite and thrill our target readers. 

  • I am a member of WFWA, and will be one of the pitch experts advising writers in the upcoming Prepare Your Pitch event.  

  • I'm a contributing writer to DIY MFA, where I write a monthly column for avid readers and writers. My top article received 1200 clicks, bringing in 500 new viewers.  

  • I completed 9 Writer’s Digest University workshops and over 20 WD webinars, including Advanced Novel Writing, How to Write a Query Letter, Read Like a Writer, Write Your Novel Scene by Scene, and Advanced Blogging.

  • I attended The NYC Writers Digest Conference and Writers Digest Writers' Retreat, where I worked exclusively with literary agent Paula Munier and award-winning investigative reporter and mystery/thriller writer Hank Phillippi Ryan. 

  • I interned as a Special Projects and Marketing Intern at Charlesbridge Publishing. Here, I worked on the bestselling children's series I SEE I LEARN, coordinated and contributed to national and targeted social media, email, and print composition, oversaw sample fulfillment, curated lead follow-up for high gross products, and wrote copy and designed promotional pieces. 

  • I interned as a creative production intern at Overbrook Entertainment, working closely with producer Holly Brown and now VP of Production Jamal Watson. 

  • For years, I worked as a Creative Writing and Film Instructor for King Philip Reg. High. I designed, developed, and implemented three creative programs into the district curriculum: Creative Writing and Publishing, Short Film, and Screenwriting. For each of these, I created websites and selected textbooks/instructional materials, and advised 20-25 students per class on completion of a fiction manuscript, screenplay, or short film.

For a little more background on my education and certifications:

  • I graduated Magna Cum Laude from Syracuse University (S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications). I have a B.S. in TV, Radio, and Film and Minors in English and Marketing. I also completed the Los Angeles Semester with a competitive internship at Overbrook Entertainment.

  • I earned my Masters in Secondary Education, English from Endicott College.

  • I'm a Certified Story Grid Editor, trained in all genres, specializing in women's fiction.

  • I have Massachusetts Teaching Licenses for English (8-12) and Instructional Technology

Some extra skills I have that might benefit you:

  • Editing with a specialty in fiction and nonfiction manuscripts/proposals, articles, and scripts.

  • I make it a point to read and edit manuscripts in a timely fashion, no longer than 3 weeks--with a focus of supporting writers. 

  • I am an expert in Story Structure, Teaching, Word, Scrivener, Film, Premiere Pro, Google Services, and Twitter. Feel free to ask for advice!