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Hi, I'm Abigail K. Perry

Abigail is a Book Coach and Certified Developmental Editor, Host of Lit Match (a podcast for writers), Writer, and Mom  

Here's My Story

Do you want to write a book, but often get stuck? Does the publishing industry both excite and intimidate you?


Short Bio

Abigail K. Perry is a book coach and certified developmental editor who specializes in Upmarket Book Club Fiction, Women’s Fiction, Historical Fiction, YA Fiction, and MG/YA Fantasy. She is also the host and creator of the podcast LIT MATCH, a podcast made to help writers find the best literary agent and business partner for their writing career.

Abigail holds a B.S. in TV, Radio, and Film from Syracuse University (Newhouse) and a Masters in Secondary Education, English from Endicott College. Abigail taught creative writing and film for a handful of years, and worked as an editorial intern and the Agency Relations Assistant for P.S. Literary Agency.

Abigail is fluent in book and movie quotes and is a monthly columnist for DIY MFA. She loves the ocean and a long walk with good company, especially her two- and four-legged babies and latest audiobook.

You can reach her on her podcast or follow her on Twitter or Instagram.


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