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Where are you in the writing and publishing process?

I'm building tons of great writing and book business resources for you! 

Hey Friend 👋 

I'm so excited you're here and can't wait to support you. Writing a book is hard, and I don't want the trialing pieces of the writing and publishing process to disenchant you—so let's figure out what can best help you, right now, in whatever stage you are in of your writing and publishing process. 

Currently. I'm building tons of informative and engaging resources to guide you through every step. But they're not quite ready yet. 

Check back here in a bit!  

For now, I'm always open to questions—and if you're looking for a book coach, I am accepting new clients. 

Email me at abigailkperry [AT] and I'll do my best to answer your questions, support you personally, and/or direct you to the best resource, book coach, editor, or publishing professional for you. 

I appreciate you, and am cheering you on always! 




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