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Jen Craven ON: Her Shift from Self-Publishing to Traditional Publishing

Abigail sits down with domestic suspense author, Jen Craven—her first *returning!* guest. In Jen's previous episode, Abigail and Jen discussed her writing career as a self-published author. In this episode, Jen talks about her latest books and what it's been like to shift from self-publishing to traditional publishing. Some of the big discussion topics Abigail and Jen explore include:

  • Why Jen decided to switch from self-publishing to traditional publishing 
  • What she likes about traditional publishing and what she needed to let go of
  • What it's like to work with multiple editors at Bookouture
  • How to structure a domestic thriller with high conscience-based stakes vs. life or death stales 
  • How to pitch to a publisher vs. write the back cover copy for Amazon 
  • How to come up with a great hook for your story (and test it)
  • What to consider when choosing a title for a commercial vs. literary book
  • Plus, more! 

Regardless of whether or not you want to self-publish or traditionally publish your manuscript, Jen's insights can help you weigh this decision. What key takeaways did you get from this episode?  

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