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Megan Tady ON: Resiliency and How She Turned Rejections into a Published Debut

Abigail sits down with Megan Tady (Super Bloom, May 2023) to discuss her debut and path to publishing. Humble and resilient, Megan shares her experience and knowledge about a wide range of writing tips from the importance of accountability partners and writing strategies to game-changing mindset tips and what to expect as a published author. Some of Abigail's favorite takeaways include:  

  •  How Megan became a story of resiliency 
  •  Ways to turn fear and a scarcity mindset into confidence
  •  Why querying is a humbling experience and how to crack a query letter
  •  The publishing gauntlet and what to expect after you publish
  •  Zibby Books and their creative and supportive approach to publishing 
  • Super Boom! (And Megan's next book)
  • More! 

What are your favorite takeaways from Megan's interview

P.S. Buy SUPER BLOOM here >>


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