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Meghan Stevenson ON: Her Literary Agent Matchmaking Strategy, the Pitfalls of Traditional Publishing, and Publishing Myths that Need to be Busted

Abigail sits down with Meghan Stevenson (Meghan Stevenson Books) to talk about all things traditional publishing. After an editing career at a traditional publisher, Meghan left her job and started Meghan Stevenson Books (2012). Meghan and her team have helped their clients earn over $5,000,000 in advances from top publishers. In total, their books have sold millions of copies and helped thousands of people. 

Packed with experience and knowledge, Abigail discusses big topics with Meghan that can help a multitude of writers interested in traditional publishing, especially nonfiction writers. Some of these include:  

  • 3 “P” factors Meghan considers when looking at a literary agent
  • Her agent matchmaking strategy
  • The “Barcelona Rule” and thoughts on the agent-author power dynamic
  • Why Meghan left her role at a traditional publisher but still believes in traditional publishing
  • Main pitfalls of publishing (and what authors can do about them)
  • Traditional publishing myths that need to be busted

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