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First Chapters: Untamed (with Suzette Mullen)

Abigail sits down with book coach and memoir writer Suzette Mullen to analyze the prologue and first chapter of Glennon Doyle's bestselling and groundbreaking memoir, UNTAMED. Together, they discuss the differences between memoir and fiction writing—and also why writers can benefit greatly from reading and analyzing both genres. 

In addition to their analysis (using the 7 Key First Chapter Questions from Paula Munier's book THE WRITER'S GUIDE TO BEGINNINGS and the 5 Commandments of Storytelling from Story Grid/Robert McKee), Suzette shares various insights on how to structure memoirs and the vulnerability and courage it takes to write a memoir like Glennon's. Abigail was especially inspired by UNTAMED, and shares many of the unique elements that captured her attention within these opening pages.  

Come study a an unforgettable memoir with Suzette and Abigail, and let us know why you think the opening pages hook and move readers—and your analysis of the opening pages. 


P.S. Order Suzette's Memoir, THE ONLY WAY THROUGH IS OUT


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