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Ariele Fredman ON: The Difference Between a Book Publicist and a Literary Agent, Her Mission to Expand Commercial Fiction, and How to Understand Where a Book Fits in the Market

Abigail sits down with Ariele Fredman, a book publicist turned literary agent at United Talent Agency (UTA). Ariele is actively seeking commercial fiction in: General fiction, Mystery, Romance, Suspense/thriller, Feel-Good Fiction, Women's Fiction, and YA.  

Ariele joined UTA after working 12 years at Atria Books, where she worked across genres and launched bestselling campaigns from Colleen Hoover and Fredrik Backman to Zakiya Dalila Harris and Lisa Jewell (among others!). She has an exceptional knack at understanding people and instilling confidence in authors, and she is actively growing her MSWL!  

In addition to learning about Ariele's shift from publicist to agent, Ariele sheds light on various writing and publishing topics, some including: 

  •  How to empower writers by asking the right questions  
  •  How to help writers understand where they best fit in the market 
  •  Her perspective on commercial fiction and her mission to expand the genre at UTA
  •  Why voice matters, examples of exemplary voice, and even how to improve your voice in an email
  •  Ways to discover and pitch a story’s hook 
  •  How to define and pitch a story’s stakes 
  • And more! 

Does Ariele sound like the ideal literary agent for you? Send her your query! 


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