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First Chapters: Legendborn (with Savannah Gilbo)

A special episode that shares a piece of Abigail and Savannah's May Book Notes meeting! 

In this episode, Abigail and book coach companion Savannah Gilbo share a piece of their May virtual book club meeting; they take a deep dive into the first chapter (and prologue) of Tracy Deonn's YA fantasy bestseller LEGENDBORN. Here's a preview of what they discuss:

  • First chapter summary
  • How they split the chapter into two scenes (and why these scenes follow the 5 Commandments of Storytelling from Story Grid/Robert McKee)
  • Legendborn's prologue (and prologues in general)
  • Final thoughts and episode recap 

Links mentioned in this episode:

  • Want to join our book club? Click here to learn more! (Our July book club pick is Bonnie Garmus's major hit, LESSONS IN CHEMISTRY!) 
  • Listen to the Fiction Writing Made Easy Podcast with Savannah Gilbo! 

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