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Mikki Brammer ON: The Collected Regrets of Clover and Her Writing, Querying, and Publishing Experience

Abigail sits down with author Mikki Brammer to discuss her (amazing!) contemporary fiction/upmarket debut, THE COLLECTED REGRETS OF CLOVER. This story features a socially stunted death doula whose obsession with documenting her clients’ final words sends her on the adventure of her life. This is one of Abigail's favorite reads in 2023—and releases May 9th, 2023!

Together, Mikki and Abigail explore Mikki's inspiration for the novel, what it's about, and the many lessons she learned as a burgeoning writer-turned-published author.

In addition to an insightful discussion about her book, Mikki sheds light on her querying and publishing experience. Writers in traditional publishing can learn a lot from Mikki as she elaborates on some important topics that pertain to traditional publishing, like:

  • How she researched literary agents 
  • Her querying experience 
  • How she advocates for herself 
  • Why she loves her literary agent and agency
  • What writers should keep in mind when considering who (and where) they query 
  • Her experience working with (three!) editors
  • How to handle feedback 
  • And more! 

Whether or not you're writing a book, querying one, navigating the traditional publishing industry, or just love fiction, Mikki has experience—and a debut—that can inspire, comfort, and positively influence you.



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