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Victoria Marini ON: Atmospheric Writing, Balancing External Events and Interiority, and the Dos and Don'ts of Tropes

Abigail sits down with Victoria Marini, a literary agent at Irene Goodman Literary Agency (IGLA). Victoria is actively seeking page-turning fiction for all audiences from middle grade through adult, and is expanding her Upmarket Book Club lists. She enjoys novels with high-concepts and distinctive voices in a variety of genres including: fabulism and fantasy, psychological and domestic suspense, thriller, procedurals, historical (particularly lesser known cultures, peoples, and histories), mystery, literary speculative, magical realism, and horror. 

An agent of many genres, Victoria offers a wealth of great advice on various fiction elements. Listen to this episode for great insights on: 

  • Balancing external events with interiority
  • Crafting unforgettable characters
  • When it benefits a writer to temporarily put down their manuscript 
  • The dos and don'ts of tropes 
  • Stories with a rich setting
  • Atmospheric writing and how it creates tone (and even impacts a back cover)
  • Budding questions about the query process 
  • And more!

Does Victoria sound like the dream literary agent for you? Review her MSWL and send her your query! 


Victoria's Full MSWL: Download the file at the bottom of this page

Submit to Victoria: Review the submission guidelines here and then submit to [email protected]


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