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Jen Craven ON: Self-Publishing vs. Traditional Publishing and How to Decide What's Best For Your Book and Career

Abigail sits down with indie author Jen Craven (BEST YEARS OF YOUR LIFE) to discuss why she decided to self-publish her book—even though she was getting requests on her manuscript while querying it.

Jen makes it very clear that she has nothing against traditional publishing, and that for many authors, this is the best publishing path. (She remains open to publishing differently in the future, but not because she disliked indie). Jen also shares why she decided that her first contemporary book (women's fiction) would do better as an indie book—and then, with explicit details, educates listeners on what she did to "go wide" with her book.

Additionally, Jen gives tips on marketing, including how to choose and build a social media platform authentically.

Even if your publishing goal is traditional, there are tons of tips on how to balance writing with marketing in this episode, all from an awesome literary citizen and author who does this on a daily basis.   




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