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Howard Yoon ON: The Core Components of a Book Proposal, Reveals and Results of the DOJ-PRH Antitrust Trial, and How Publishing Merges Art and Commerce

Abigail sits down with Howard Yoon, a literary agent and principal of the Ross Yoon Agency. Howard specializes in narrative nonfiction, history, memoir, science, current events, politics, and popular culture.

In this conversation, Howard shares his wealth of expertise in publishing as a nonfiction literary agent and what makes a great nonfiction book. He enlightens Abigail about various topics from important business insights on news like the Penguin Random House trial to craft-focused conversations like what determines an idea that works better as a podcast or blog vs. a nonfiction book. 

And that’s only the beginning. Listen to this episode to hear everything Howard teaches and discusses, with some big topics like: 

  • The difference between a nonfiction literary agent and a fiction literary agent 
  • Idea, Market, Writing, and Profileand how nonfiction literary agents (and authors) assess these four elements to determine if they have a good product 
  • The formula Howard uses to shape a strong nonfiction book proposal 
  • Howard’s MSWL and the layers of needs/desire he considers before signing a client 
  • Publishing and how it merges art and commerceplus, why agents might be weary of writers who veer too much on one side or the other  
  • The alchemy of publishing and why publishers don’t have a strong relationship with consumers (but are getting better at it) 
  • The DOJ-PRH Antitrust Trial, big reveals that came out of it, results, and what to expect now
  • The pros and cons of publishing with a Big 5 Publisher 
  • The core components of a book proposal 


Does Howard sound like the dream literary agent for you? Don't be afraid to query him! 


Howard Yoon on Jane Friedman's Roundtable: DOJ-PRH Antitrust Trial

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