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Dani Abernathy ON: The Enneagram Personality Test and Why it Might Be a Writer's Next Favorite Tool

Abigail sits down with book coach and fantasy writer, Dani Abernathy, to discuss a unique tool that Dani uses with her clients: the Enneagram Personality Test.

Many writers love personality tests (Abigail included), but in this episode, Dani shares how to use the Enneagram test effectively—and with this knowledge, it won’t become a resource that sends writers down a research rabbit hole.

How does this work? Dani explains how, by deeply understanding the Enneagram test, writers can develop a more diverse cast of personalities in their books. Additionally, writers who better understand their personalities can use this knowledge to their advantage, resulting in a happier, and more efficient writing and publishing process. 

Plus, when writers understand the Enneagram of their main characters, they can use it as a tool to develop a character’s wants, fears, and ultimately, decision making abilities—all of which are paramount to a story’s character arc, plot, and ultimate change.  

Do you use a personality test to write your books? The Enneagram test might be your next favorite writing tool! 



Take Dani's Enneagram Personality Test for Writers


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