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Maria Vicente ON: WTF is a Literary Agent, How She Supports Her Clients, and First Chapters that Hook

Abigail sits down for an insightful conversation about agenting and craft with Senior Literary Agent, Maria Vicente, of P.S. Literary Agency. 

While Maria has a love for and strong list of children’s books and graphic novels, she’s also looking to expand her list with adult fiction and nonfiction. Learn about Maria’s MSWL and her agenting style, along with other solid pieces of writing and business advice, in this episode. 

Some key takeaways from this conversation include:

  • How Maria got into agenting and some of her favorite responsibilities (like meticulously reviewing contracts)  
  • How involved Maria is in a client’s writing and editing process after becoming a client, and how Maria like to communicate with her clients  
  • Maria’s love for literary fiction and how she differentiates literary fiction from commercial and upmarket 
  • WTF is a literary agent, and why it’s equally important for agents to address basic questions like this one as seasoned questions
  • How writers can decide between traditional publishing and self-publishing—and when one route is better for the individual over the other
  • How to hook readers with first chapters
  • Sentence variation and why this easily enhances narrative voice 
  • Why a writer should consider the literary agent and the agency
  • What to include in a graphic novel script 
  • And more!   

Maria Vicente is actively seeking new client. In addition to this episode, visit her website for her full MSWL and more insights. Is she the perfect business partner and advocate for your writing and publishing career? Listen to find out! 


Some of Maria's Clients and Books:


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