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Andrea DeWerd ON: The Writing Community's Mass Departure from Twitter and Book Marketing Strategies that Work for Authors

Abigail sits down with book marketing expert (with 13 years Big 5 publishing experience), Andrea DeWerd, to discuss the writing community's mass departure from Twitter.  

In this conversation, Andrea explains what's really happening on Twitter, why eight percent of the writing and publishing community have left this platform, and what this means for writers who want to find information about the publishing business, discover agents (among other professionals in the book industry), and sell books. 

Andrea also shares insights from her book marketing expertise with specific tools and strategies authors can use to market their books—and make a splash! 

Listen to this conversation to learn a wealth of book business-related news and book marketing tips that you won't want to miss, some including:

  • How to use various tools imbedded in technology to market your book
  • What really is happening on Twitter and why the writing and publishing community has left the platform at a higher rate than the US average (8%)
  • Changes in the blue check mark on Twitter and why this might hinder an account's credibility 
  • Twitter alternatives for publishing professionals and why none of them have stuck yet 
  • How to pick the one social media platform that is best for marketing your book
  • What to do if you want a video-based platform but don’t like to be on video 
  • Where writers should turn for information on the book business if the publishing industry leaves Twitter altogether 
  • The difference in social media algorithms and why it is easier to gather a following on Twitter compared to other social media platforms, like Instagram 
  • The amount of time you need to market your book before you launch it if you want to make a splash  


What are your biggest takeaways from Andrea's insights? Abigail would love to know! 

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