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CeCe Lyra ON: Layered Stories that Exemplify Good Writing, Why Publishing is so Competitive, and the Importance of Persistence over Insistence

Join Abigail as she interviews CeCe Lyra, Associate Literary Agent at P.S. Literary Agency and the brilliant co-host of the popular writing podcast, The Shit No One Tells You About Writing. Abigail’s said it in more places than one: This conversation will be one that Abigail thinks about (and refers back to) for many, many years. 

Here are some of the multitude of important, insightful topics CeCe covers—like the writing process, the realities of the publishing industry, and even questions that will make you reflect about yourself and your story beyond writing and publishing a book:   

  • CeCe’s path to publishing (and why she LOVES her job)
  • CeCe’s MSWL, her eclectic taste in adult fiction and nonfiction (from really, really dark and gritty to fun and uplifting…and any book that makes you feel empowered) 
  • Why publishing is such at competitive industry, and at the same time, why comparing yourself to other writers and authors will only hold you back 
  • Examples of good writing and why books need to reach a certain caliber before catching an agent’s or editor’s attention 
  • How CeCe brainstorms story ideas with her clients, offers notes, and supports them in every step
  • Layered stories: What this means and the how’s and why’s of mastering this skill 
  • Why you shouldn’t obsess about writing a book fast
  • Finding hard statistics and why an awareness of how the industry works is crucial for published authors
  • Discovering your greatest privilege as a writer (and why you should reflect on this)  

What was your biggest takeaway from CeCe’s interview?  Email Abigail, she'd love to hear from you! 

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