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Comparable Titles: What They Are, Why Writers Need Them, and How to Find (and Pitch!) Ones that are Irresistible

After writing a book comes publishing it, and to do so (or if you want to do it well), you need to know your target readers and the market. One of the most important tools a writer, literary agent, editor, and publisher uses to give a quick, clear, and catchy idea of what a story is about—and what everyone can predict for sales—is comparable titles (or comps). That’s what Abigail covers in this episode. She pulls from her first-hand experience as an editorial intern and various insightful articles (linked below) to teach: 

  • 📖 What are comparable titles (comps)? 
  • 📖 Why do you need them if you want to publish your book?
  • 📖 4 easy ways to find noteworthy comps 
  • 📖 4 essential requirements to verify if you have strong comps
  • 📖 More!  


Resources reference in this episode:


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