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10 Unforgettable Writing (and Life!) Tips from My Favorite Author Presentation

Taking a different direction for this week’s episode, Abigail speaks directly to listeners about ten pieces of writing (and life!) tips she absorbed from what she considers her favorite in-person author presentation. 

Last month, Abigail was lucky enough to attend bestselling author Fredrik Backman’s book tour for the third book in his Beartown series trilogy, THE WINNERS. 

Abigail had been wanting to read Backman’s books for years but constantly failed to prioritize them on her reading list—until she saw Fredrik Backman was coming to town. 

Now, Abigail easily and enthusiastically calls Fredrik Backman one of her favorite authors —of all time. She’s obsessed with his writing and ability to create characters—and even more so with his raw, sincere ability to answer thought-provoking questions. 

In this episode, listen to the ten invaluable pieces of writing and life advice that Abigail learned from Fredrik Backman’s presentation. These lessons have sat with Abigail ever since she listened to him, and they offer advice and writing tips Abigail purposefully carries with her as she moves forward with her own writing and editing. 


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