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Quick Query Tips: 3 Strategic Ways to Research Literary Agents

Welcome to the first Quick Query Tips episode!

While Abigail books more literary agents and editors for the show, she turns the focus from interviews with literary agents to the research and submission process. 

In this episode, Abigail shares three of her favorite and strategic ways to research literary agents. This is a very hands-on episode as Abigail shares how she researches literary agents, editors, and authors for the show.

Although the spreadsheet she uses is slightly different than what she recommends a writer use (see her episode with Tee Moore for more details on the ideal spreadsheet for the research process), the strategies are the same. To demonstrate, Abigail uses the three strategies to find literary agents she wants to email *live*—and pushes writers to question why a literary agent would be a good fit for their querying book and writing and publishing career. 

You can find the links for some off the three recommended strategies here:

  1. Publisher's Marketplace
  2. Acknowledgments section in the back of a book
  3. Three Great Websites



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