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Jennie Nash ON: What Makes a Great Book Coach, Fundamental Questions Writers Need to Ask (and Answer), and Why Writers Should Invest in Their Work

"Working with a book coach is an investment, and there's no guarantee. No book coach is going to say, ‘I guarantee that you will get an agent and a book deal.’ That would be dishonest. They can't do that. So you're paying money to give yourself the best shot.” – Jennie Nash, Book Coach and Founder of Author Accelerator 

Abigail K. Perry sits down with leading book coach and the founder of Author Accelerator, Jennie Nash. Together they discuss what exactly a book coach is, when a writer should hire one, and why a writer can benefit from investing in a book coach before they finish their first draft. Jennie sheds light on some systems she has used to help writers land major New York agents and hit the bestseller list—and why they work. She also shares some of the inside questions and strategies she uses to mentor writers during the writing process—and even after it—and some new developments happening through Author Accelerator.

Jennie also talks about the upcoming Manuscript Incubator for writers. She's honest about what it entails and what to expect, and shares details that can help a writer decide if it's for them or not. 


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