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Michelle Brower ON: What Makes a Great Book Club Pick, Creating Community, and How to Write Through the Middle

"I love books that sort of  take you through the pain of living in some way. Life inherently has tragedy and hardship. And I love books that take you to that, but also give you an opportunity to see a way out and to see hope in even dark places."  – Michelle Brower, Literary Agent at Trellis Literary Management 

Abigail K. Perry sits down with literary agent and co-founder of Trellis Literary Management, Michelle Brower. Together they discuss how Michelle and her co-founders formed Trellis (and in a pandemic, no less!), and why they are determined to create a great sense of community and encourage cross pollination within it. 

Michelle also shares invaluable writing tips on the craft, some including: ways to test out your POV, what makes a great book club pick (and the kind of book club picks on her list!), and strategies writers can use to write through the middle of their book.  

As always, Michelle shares her #MSWL — with comps!     


Read the Book(s) in this Episode:

The Collected Regrets of Clover


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