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First Chapters: Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone


As much as I love the HARRY POTTER series, I am saddened by and do not condone JKR’s attacks on the trans community. 

It’s this reason that, for these first chapter episodes featuring the Harry Potter books, I choose to separate my love for the books from the author’s public actions. 

I decided to do this because the series has taught me indispensable lessons about great storytelling, and I believe such examples can also benefit burgeoning writers. 

However, if you aren’t comfortable separating the books from the author, you are welcome to pass over this episode without judgement. I do not want anyone here to ever feel unwelcome, and I respect and understand your decision.



Abigail sits down with certified book coach and editor—and fellow Harry Potter nerd and superfan!—Savannah Gilbo to discuss and analyze the first chapter of HARRY POTTER AND THE SORCERER’S STONE.

To do this, Abigail and Savannah share their thoughts on how the first chapter, divided into two scenes, sets up expectations and engages its target readers. Abigail and Savannah use the seven key first chapter questions to review the story’s big picture, and then zero-in on the scene structure and compare their notes on each scene’s five commandments.  

Although writers should never use the Harry Potter series as a comp, there’s a lot to learn from how the books skillfully tell and execute story.


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