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Tee Moore ON: Becoming a Career Author and How to Find a Literary Agent

"I'm becoming more intentional about my dreams because my purpose didn't just die when I became a mom,  it actually became more realized. Being a mom was just part of my purpose. It's part of the path. I meant to be a mother to these three kids, but I'm also meant to write these stories.”  – Tee Moore, Author 

Abigail K. Perry sits down with author Tee Moore (rep. by Jemiscoe Chambers-Black, Andrea Brown Literary Agency) to discuss her writer’s journey turned life as a career author and how to find a literary agent. Tee shares important questions writers should ask themselves before they query a literary agent, and how to determine if a literary agent is the best fit for you and your professional writing career.   

Tee also emphasizes the importance of building a writing community, and suggests ways to find your own. She also advocates for big dreams and encourages writers, especially writers who are also parents, that they can (and suggest ways to) do it all.  


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Jemiscoe Chambers-Black of Andrea Brown Literary Agency


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