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Paula Munier ON: How to Identify and Capitalize on the Selling Points of a Story and What Makes a Story Unique

"Stories are what get us through, stories are how humans have encouraged one another to survive the dark times and given pointers about how to survive the dark times.” – Paula Munier, Talcott Notch Literary 

Abigail K. Perry sits down with Paula Munier to discuss her manuscript wishlist and valuable publishing insights, some including: what’s selling in the 2022 market, why there’s no such thing as an original story (and how to make your story unique), how to identify and capitalize on the selling points of a story, how to pitch a book, the kind of stories all people want, and the best thing you can do to make your story better—and sell it. 


About Paula:

Paula Munier is a senior literary agent and the USA TODAY bestselling author of the Mercy Carr mysteries. 

A Borrowing of Bones, the first in the series, was nominated for the Mary Higgins Clark Award and named the Dogwise Book of the Year. Blind Search was inspired by the real-life rescue of a little boy with autism who got lost in the woods. The Hiding Place debuted in March, 2021.

Her latest Mercy Carr mystery, The Wedding Plot, releases July 19, 2022 through Minotaur Books.

Paula credits the hero dogs of Mission K9 Rescue, her own rescue dogs, and a deep love of New England as her series’ major influences.

Paula has also written three popular books on writing: Plot Perfect, The Writer’s Guide to Beginnings, and Writing with Quiet Hands, as well as Fixing Freddie and Happier Every Day

She lives in New England with her family and Bear the Newfoundland-retriever rescue, Bliss the Great Pyrenees-Australian cattle dog rescue, pandemic puppy Blondie, a Malinois rescue (much like Elvis in her books), and Ursula The Cat, a rescue torbie tabby who does not think much of the dogs.


Paula’s MSWL:

  •  Crime Fiction
  • Women’s Fiction and Book Club Fiction
  • Nonfiction
  • High-concept Science Fiction and Fantasy
  • Crossover YA

Paula is closed to Unsolicited queries.


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