Abigail K. Perry

Teacher-Turned *Story Grid Editor *Writer *Podcaster

Editing Services

Developmental Editing

Developmental Editing is a monthly service for writers looking for weekly 1-1 meetings with an experienced editor and book coach. Each week, writers meet with me for a 1-hour videoconference to discuss your WIP, using differentiated writing assignments given each week for analysis and discussion. These writing assignments can include, but are not limited to, scenes of up to 2K-words.

Writers looking for a mentor who can answer their questions, talk out their story, and keep them accountable as they build, write, and polish their manuscript benefit most from this service–from writers looking to create a story plan/outline to writing their story to the end.

With this service, you get:

  • Weekly 1-Hour Videoconference: Each week, we meet for a 1-hour videoconference to discuss your story’s progress, questions, and your-and-my analysis/recommendations on your writing assignment(s) and ideas. All videoconferences are recorded and shared with you for your reference.
  • Customized Writing Assignments and Detailed Feedback on Submitted Assignments: Each week I’ll assign you a writing assignment (or two) based on your differentiated story wants and needs. (Scenes include, but are not limited to, scenes of up to 2K-words.) You’ll send me this assignment(s) at least 48-hours prior to our scheduled session, which I review and give detailed notes on in addition to discussing live.
  • Unlimited Questions via Email: Email me questions anytime about your story, and/or the publishing and entertainment businesses. To the best of my ability, I will respond to all clients within 48-hours; I’ll prove to you my dedication and professional commitment to your craft and story’s success with my thorough answers and sincerity.


  • $750/Month (payments expected in full prior to each month’s first session)
  • $400/Month for Bi-Weekly Services

“Working with Abigail Perry as a Certified Story Grid Editor is awesome. She provides structure, support, wisdom, guidance, experience and real knowledge. Writing my first novel, is the most difficult challenge of my life, outside of raising my three children. I have been stuck for years, creating drafts after drafts that don’t work. I knew Story Grid would provide a way out of my creative hole, but I had no idea that I would find the best possible editor for my genre and style. Abigail is enthusiastic, encouraging and smart.  With her help and guidance, I finally believe I can write my novel.”

– Valerie Feigen, Fiction Writer

“Abigail’s deep understanding of the Story Grid method is what brought me to her, but what kept me with her was much more than that.  Aside from being an excellent editor and creative, she helps navigate the sometimes treacherous terrain of understanding the essence of what we are seeking to unearth in the writing process – which is our connection to a particular story.  

Through the course of our work together she showed herself to be an invaluable asset as an editor, a creative, and a genuinely interested collaborator working with me to make my story the best it could be. I came to her with a set of ideas and a rough outline that I knew would make for a good manuscript, and by the time we finished our work together I had a fully fleshed out narrative outline and a written synopsis.  As they say, the proof is in the pudding!

Looking forward to our next project together, she’s the best.”

–Nico Oscoff, Documentary Filmmaker and Executive/Creative Producer of Good Day Film

“Abigail Perry is a talented editor who goes beyond the big picture and delves deep into the details of internal and external character motivation, three-act structure, sub plots, and so much more. She is an excellent talent spotter who can determine market readiness, and enjoys working closely with the material and client to take good ideas to the next level.”

– Carly Watters, VP and Senior Literary Agent at P.S. Literary Agency

Diagnostic Editing

Diagnostic Editing is a full manuscript read and edit following the Story Grid diagnostic edit requirements. This service is for writers who have finished a manuscript but can’t quite pinpoint why their story feels “off.” Looking at the story’s big picture, I identify what’s working and/or not working at both the global and scene level. This process–and the benefits I provide through a diagnostic–can help writers revise with purpose, using practical and applicable tools, principles, and recommendations to draft their story into a manuscript ready for publishing or querying.

With this service, you get:

  • 30-Minute Consultation Call and 1-Hour Phone Videoconference: During a consultation call, I’ll explain the process and complete your manuscript and diagnostic. Then you’ll talk to me about your story’s big picture (and anything else you want me to know prior to my read). After completing your diagnostic, we’ll schedule a 1-hour videoconference to review my analysis on your story’s strengths and areas–and how–to revise. The videoconference is recorded and shared with you for your reference.
  • Story Grid Spreadsheet of Your First Five Scenes: A full Story Grid breakdown of the first five scenes of your manuscript using the Story Grid Spreadsheet. This gives you a detailed idea of the five commandments working and not working at thee scene level, along with other important details essential for revisions.
  • A Next Steps Recommendation Letter: A personalized recommendations for next steps letter that you can use to guide your revision process.
  • Masterworks of the Genre Recommendations and Story Grid Genre Cheat Sheets: A list of three comparable titles for you to study along with any Story Grid Genre Cheat Sheets for your genre. 


  • $1050 (up to 80K words)
  • $1200  (up to 90K words)
  • $1350 (up to 100K words)
  • TBD (more than 100K words)
  • Scripts – Vary on Page Count

“After sitting on my screenplay for a couple of years after writing it – not really knowing what to do next, I came across Abigail Perry.  Deep down inside I knew that my screenplay was pretty good but not at its best.  However, I did not know what it needed from a high level perspective.  This is where Abigail came in and used her knowledge and wisdom to help me move out of that place called stagnation.  She not only shared with me the weak aspects of my screenplay but she also highlighted the strong points which kept me encouraged.  She took a craft that she’s knows well, The Story Grid and used it to help me fix the fundamental flaws in my script and boost the strong elements.  As a result, of Abigail’s guidance and recommendations, I now feel confident that my script will morph into its best.”

– Cheryl White, Historical Fiction/Screenwriter

“Abigail is tremendously helpful and saved my first pages! In my five years of writing up to this point, I have never received the thorough, hands-on, down-to-the-core writing advice she’s given me. Before working with her, I often found writing advice to be somewhat vague: ‘Voice! Character! Worldbuilding!’ But the thing about Abigail is that she shows you how. She specifically explained and walked me through how to make my characters stronger, how they can show urgency, and—most importantly—how I can get the reader to really connect with the characters. Additionally, she helped me navigate the first scene and organize the events in a way that heightened the stakes and climax.

My first chapter is significantly better because of Abigail. I actually think it might be able to compete in the slush pile now!”

–Nadine Avola, YA Fantasy Writer

“An impressive component of Abby’s skills set is her ability to impart her knowledge to others. She has the innate ability to take a complex concept related to film or publishing and deconstruct it in a way that makes the understanding accessible for the burgeoning writer or filmmaker. The development in her students over the course of the year is a testament to this ability. 

At the end of the year, her students leave the course with a marked increase in their understanding of film and publishing as well as their ability to effect that understanding into a creative, engaging product. Working with young adults is often challenging. Teaching students the art of creative writing and filmmaking is a nuanced skill. Abby’s ability to teach these elements to students is reflective of her command of the material and her ability to guide any creative individual. I have no doubts she will have success working with writers of all abilities and levels. She will undoubtably bring out the creativity and imagination of those writers in the same way she did with her students.”

–Sean Skenyon, Writer, 20+ Year High School English Teacher, and Department Head and CTL

Query Letter

I spent over a year working as an editorial intern and as the Agency Relations Assistant for P.S. Literary Agency. During this time, I was mentored on how to identify and write the best query letters, while also helping to manage their extensive query inbox, which receives over 2K-queries a month.

Today, I coach writers on how to write the agent-preferred 3-paragraph query letter format so that you can stand out as the (roughly) 1% of writers who capture an agent’s attention.

Don’t let a poorly written query stop you from getting noticed!

With this service, you get:

  • 30-Minute Consultation Call on Query Letters: A call on how to write a query letter, industry expectations, and what you get with this service.
  • Critique and Edit: Full critique and edit of your query letter.
  • 1-Hour Follow-Up Videoconference: 1-hour videoconference to review your query letter and recommendation for next steps. All calls are recorded and shared with you for your reference.


  • $197
  • $147 as an add-on to a Diagnostic Edit

” Abigail is awesome and helped me transform my letter into something that is well-written, concise, and impactful. I’m so happy with where it’s at now and I can’t wait to start the querying process!”

-Nehal Dhaduk, Psychological Thriller Writer

“I walked into Mrs. Perry’s creative writing class the beginning of junior year with no experience other than my own grit and persistence to write. Two years later I walked out with more than I ever could have asked for. It wasn’t just her teaching and editing skills that helped me understand the flaws in my own work; she taught us how to think for ourselves, how to ask why we are writing , and why we should be asking why. 

Motivating writers to find their voice and their passion for writing is no easy task, especially in an environment like high school. But no matter the day, Mrs. Perry never failed to find a way to reach us, whether it was breaking down the critical parts of a scene from a movie, or letting us write until we got our own scene just right.

She helped me through the messy parts of my work, training me to know when to be my own editor and when I need to just write. Thanks to Mrs. Perry, I learned how to outline the core foundational scenes in my novel, and I’m in the process of completing my first manuscript. She sparked a newfound passion and drive for writing in me, just as she does with everyone she works with.”

–Jamie Buckley YA Fiction Writer and English/Creative Writing Undergrad

Story Plan

This service is for writers looking for an experienced editor and storyteller to coach them through a story plan, but aren’t ready to invest in developmental editing services. During this time together, I help writers draft a story plan using my 5 Steps to a Story Plan process, ending with a Story Grid Foolscap of their leading genre(s). Most writers who invest in this service require 4-5 weeks together, but this can be reduced or extended based on each writer’s individual wants and needs.

With this service, you get:

  • 30-Minute Consultation Call on Your Story’s Structure: An initial call to discuss your story idea and any problems you’re currently having with building your structure.
  • Weekly 1-Hour Videoconferences: Each week, we meet for a 1-hour videoconference to discuss your story plan’s progress, questions, and your writing assignment(s) and ideas from the week. All videoconferences are recorded and shared with you for your reference.
  • Customized Writing Assignments and Detailed Feedback on Submitted Assignments: Each week I’ll assign you a step in my 5-plan process, along with templates that can help you plot out essentials that include, but are not limited to, character development, setting/worldbuilding, and plot structure. The final product for a Story Plan service is your story’s Foolscap–or a 1-page outline of your story’s genre expectations, central messages, 15 spinal (core) scenes, and more. Foolscaps can be drafted for both global genres and subgenres, depending on the writer’s preference. 
  • Unlimited Questions via Email: Email me questions anytime about your story’s structure. To the best of my ability, I will respond to all clients within 48-hours; I’ll prove to you my dedication and professional commitment to your craft and story’s success with my thorough answers and sincerity.


  • $700/Month or $175/Week (Writers can opt to pay monthly to weekly for this service only, but all payments are required before scheduled sessions.)

“I very much appreciate the help Abigail Perry gave me in finding the structure of my story.  She listened to my muddled ideas and made sense out of them when I couldn’t. Abigail’s quiet intelligence along with her knowledge, competence and experience teaching make her a joy to work with.  I only wish I had not waited so long to ask for help. I’ll be back.”

– Susan Lake, Literary Fiction Writer

“Abigail is a teacher and mentor who helped me advance my writing in ways I could never have imagined. She’s incredibly dedicated to helping others, and she takes the time to assist others in their work while also challenging them to further their creativity. The material she teaches is advanced, but she makes it clear and applicable for everyone, which is great!. Her class has definitely helped prepare me for college and a future in storytelling/film. I was writing before I met Abigail, but without her, my writing would have never improved so drastically.

– Jake Rackauskas, Script Writer and TV and Film Undergrad

Abigail K. Perry is a Certified Story Grid Editor with professional teaching, literary agency, and film production experience. In addition to writing masterwork guides that help people learn how to write, read, and edit like a writer, she works as a freelance developmental editor/book coach and diagnostic editor, and is a monthly columnist for DIY MFA. Abigail also teaches Genre-Focused writing workshops for the genres she specializes in, which include Women’s Fiction, YA Fantasy, Upmarket Fiction, Historical Fiction, and Scripts. As a podcaster, she’s a passionate advocate for the butterfly effect stories have on the individual and world, which she shares with listeners on her podcast, STORY EFFECT.

Reach out to Abigail if you’re a writer looking for an editor who will help you grow as storyteller, and who has experience in differentiated instruction, traditional publishing, and film.