Abigail K. Perry

Teacher-Turned *Story Grid Editor *Writer *Podcaster

Work With Me

As an editor, teacher, writer, and podcaster Abigail empowers developing storytellers to find their voice, develop their craft, and tell their stories in novel, script, and digital media formats–and gain communication skills to succeed in the publishing, educational, and entertainment industries.

Abigail spent the last decade studying storytelling and gaining experience in the publishing and entertainment industries (specifically film). From teaching hundreds of students in the traditional classroom to using her publishing and literary agency experience and Story Grid certification with clients, Abigail mentors writers at various stages: from building a story plan to developmental and diagnostic editing to writing query letters.

Abigail specializes in fiction genres, including: Women’s, Contemporary, Upmarket, Commercial, Historical, Book Club, Literary, YA, and Fantasy. Her favorite stories involve diverse casts, strong female leads, explore big social problems, provide unique settings and perspectives, have inspirational and/or moral lessons, and/or contain magical realism.

Abigail does not do copy editing, but she does coach writers on voice and style with her developmental editing service. She is happy to recommend copy/line editors if writers are looking for one.

Abigail loves working with writers 1-1, but she is also a huge advocate of collaborative writing and workshop environments. Bringing her classroom experience and curriculum development online, Abigail mentors writers in groups of up to 12 writers in 3-month terms via her Rising Writer’s Masterclass. Supported in weekly sessions, groups partake in hands-on storytelling lessons, share their work, and learn how to read/screen like a writer and provide feedback like an editor.

Abigail created the podcast, STORY EFFECT, out of her genuine love and interest in the butterfly effect stories have on people, cultures, and the world. Each week, Abigail interviews a guest on the story (or stories) that brought joy and insight to their life, along with practical advice about how we can learn and grow from each story’s inspiring and impactful messages.

Abigail has experience teaching and speaking in the traditional classroom and online format. She has led multiple live webinars for WFWA (Women’s Fiction Writer’s Association), instructed writers in workshops held at her local bookstore, and will be building and presenting some upcoming lessons and workshops for 826 Boston, a nonprofit youth writing organization for underserved children.