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Slush Pile Survivor Query:

How to Write a QUERY Letter that stands out in the slush



What is it and Who is it for?

Query letters can make or break a writer's chance at getting an agent or editor. You can write the best story in the world, but if you have a messy QL, there's a big chance an agent or editor won't ask to read it. If you're ready to query but not confident in the preferred 3-paragraph QL format, or you'd like someone with QL experience to review your manuscript and letter, this service is for you. 


How does it work? 

Together, we'll apply the 3-paragraph format to your story and highlight the high concepts and hooks essential to making your query letter stand out from the slush. Depending on your preference, I can beta read your manuscript and review your query, or I can review and edit your query alone. Either way, we'll spend time discussing your query letter and any comments I make on your draft. Conversations are held via recorded phone calls that I provide for you, in case you would like to refer back to our conversation during any part of your query letter process.     


What do you get?

  • 1-hour phone call on how to write a query letter + planning how to write yours (pre-writing)

  • Full edit of your query letter

  • 30-minute follow up call

For beta read + QL combo:

  • Full read of your manuscript accompanied with Story Grid breakdown of the 6 Core Questions

  • 2 (one hour each) phone calls to review your story's 6 Core Questions and how to write a QL specific to your story

  • 30-minute follow up call on QL critique 


Query Letter and Critique:

  • $147

Beta Read and Query Letter Critique:

  • $675