Abigail K. Perry

Teacher-Turned *Story Grid Editor *Writer *Podcaster


STORY EFFECT is a podcast that celebrates the butterfly effect of stories on our communities, cultures, and selves.

Whether passing knowledge from one generation to another, entertaining us for countless years, or challenging our limited perspectives, stories are engines of empathy–they serve humanity as priceless influencers of our personal learning and growth.

Abigail has dedicated her life to sharing and supporting stories, and as the host of her podcast, STORY EFFECT, she has the pleasure of sharing the joy, lessons, and wisdom stories have given and taught others. Each episode, Abigail interviews a variety of guests on the top stories that touched their lives–pulled from tales across all mediums.

Whether or not you’ve read, heard, or seen the stories discussed on each episode, you’re sure to be inspired by (and enjoy) the unique experiences and practical life lessons communicated through our shared passion of stories.

Listen to these conversations to remember what really matters in life.

This week’s episode is promoting Middle Grade and Young Adult novels featuring Black Protagonists by Black Authors. A wonderful collection for boys and girls!
This week’s episode promotes children’s books and coloring books with black protagonists and/or encourage discussions about race.
Out of continued respected for current events, this week’s episode promotes books by black authors and/or that encourage white people to recognize their unconscious bias and talk about race.

Out of respect for current events, I’ve decided to delay this week’s episode. Instead, I will be sharing resources from black creatives in an effort to amplify melanated voices.

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Season 1: The Butterfly Effect of Stories

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