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Working with me as your creative writing teacher and editor, you'll get 1-to-1 services that encourage you to ask questions. I want to understand your vision for your story and what makes it special. We'll spend time on the phone talking this out and how to take that spark and draft the best version of your manuscript. I'm not here to alter your uniqueness. This is your story--that alone is so (so!) valuable. Don't give up on it. I'm here for you. Let's edit! 

Some of the many writing elements we'll take a deep look at with my services include:

  • Characters (are they authentic, unique, memorable, relatable, vulnerable, admirable?)

  • Structure / Structural Vulnerabilities (does it follow genre conventions and obligatory scenes, are there secrets and twists, does it follow the hero's journey?)

  • Stakes (*psst* one of the biggest reasons agents pass on stories is because the stakes are too low; let's look at your internal and external stakes: are they high enough, do they escalate and drive the story?)  

  • Controlling Ideas / Theme (do your central messages fit your genre, will they resonate with your target readers, are they timeless or time-restricted?)

  • Scenes (is there tension/fear, does that tension/fear build, do your scenes challenge your hero, is there some sort of change by the end of the scene, does every moment hold purpose--i.e. develop a character or advance the plot?)


To accomplish this, I offer two kinds of editing categories based on the readiness of your story: Diagnostic and Developmental. Learn more about these unique services in the next slides and book me for whatever service fits your writing needs. 

Bonus! If you're looking for a dynamite beta reader, lessons on tackling the dreaded synopsis, eager to learn how to write query letters, or just want an extra set of eyes on your first chapter, I offer services for that too. 

Not sure which service is best for you? I'm happy to hop on the phone. Book a free 30-minute phone consultation to get answers to your questions and how I can best help you.