Episode 6

Douglas Brode is retired professor from Syracuse University with a deep love for film–particularly westerns. Today, he’s published over 35 books (including many on westerns), and has thrived as a screenwriter, playwright, novelist, film historian, film critic, and multi-award winning journalist. In this special episode, Abigail and Doug explore the 1948 classic, Red River (featuring John Wayne and Montgomery Clift), and how it changed westerns forever by unraveling the psychological impact trauma can have on a person, portrayed in a film noir style.

Listen to this episode to learn how westerns and World War II changed movies forever, and how Red River‘s portrayal of the human psyche made a story like nothing Doug had ever seen before. Email Abigail at abigailkperry [AT] gmail [DOT] com to discuss such topics more.

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Have you ever seen Red River? If not, watch it for free on Amazon Prime (and see the trailer below), or purchase it for your western collection!


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