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Diagnostic Editing

The Story Grid Way


What is it and Who is it for?

For entry-level manuscripts: this is for writers who feel like they have a story in-the-works but sense something isn't working (but can't put their finger on exactly what, dang it!).


How does it work? 

A lot of times writers get feedback that sounds vague. Why is that? Often it's because editors are providing feedback based on intuition and preference. With this service, I use Shawn Coyne's The Story Grid to provide feedback that uses SG methodology to explain specific problems muddling your manuscript and concrete steps on how to fix them. Shawn is an editor of over 25+ years experience and his brilliant understanding on how to edit has changed an immeasurable amount of writers' lives. 


What do you get?

  • The 6 Core Questions Analysis
    I'll read your manuscript and apply the Story Grid 6 Core Questions Analysis to your work. This is a deep dive into your manuscript, analyzing what works and what doesn’t work.

  • One-Hour Phone Consultation
    We’ll discuss your questions and my analysis of your story. The goal here is to give you a clear, big-picture view of your story's character, plot, themes, and genre.


  • Story Grid Spreadsheet of Your First Five Scenes
    I’ll create a full Story Grid work-up of the first five scenes of your manuscript. This gives you a detailed idea of what is working and not working in your opening scenes and how to fix them.


  • A Next Steps Recommendation Letter
    I don't want to end our partnership with you feeling overwhelmed and lost! I’ll provide a personalized recommendations for next steps letter that you can use to guide your revision process.


  • Masterworks of the Genre Recommendations and Additional Resources
    Once we have a clear idea about what genre you're writing, it will help to read from "invisible mentors"--i.e. writers who have published great comparable titles to your story. Together we'll come up with a comparable title or two for you to study along with the Story Grid Genre Cheat Sheet for your genre. 


  • $997 (up to 80K words)

  • $1150  (up to 90K words)

  • $1250 (up to 100K words)

More than 100K? Schedule a free 30-minute phone consultation and we can talk.