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Developmental editing

What is it and Who is it for?

For writers who like to write forward with consistent feedback and writing lessons + discussions, or writers who enjoy having a teacher/writing companion who holds them accountable to deadlines.


Developmental editing comes with week-by-week consultations from the first idea to the final draft. The charge is a bit different here (monthly fees) since we're scheduling weekly check-ins.


Think of it like a writer's workshop with 1-1 lessons! Constant guidance and great for confidence building!


How does it work? 

Each week we will schedule a 1-hour phone call to go over your story-in-progress. This includes an in-depth review of a scene up to 2K words from your novel (submitted at least 3 days prior to our appointment), which can be written in or out of order. During these sessions, you can ask me any questions or discuss any story developments you'd like guidance on before going forward. I'm here for all your writing needs, and to keep you on track until that last word!


What do you get?

  • Weekly One-Hour Phone Consultations
    As you write your story, each week we'll talk for an hour to discuss your questions and my analysis.

  • Customized Writing Assignments
    Every week I’ll assign you a writing assignment to help you level up your writing craft and remain productive--while maintaining the fun in writing!


  • Detailed Feedback on Submitted Assignments
    Every writer has their own unique voice, style, and story. To further develop this unique spark, I’ll provide detailed feedback on a submitted scene or assignment of up to 2K words each week. It’ll be like your own private version of the monthly writer I draw via my Slush Pile Survivor email list, accompanied by your personal questions specific to your story

  • Unlimited Questions via Email

       Email me anytime for questions on your story. I will respond within two work days. ​


  • $650/month (payments expected in full prior to each month's first session)