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Story Plan



What is this and Who is it for?


Do you daydream about becoming a writer but struggle to get words on the blank page? Are you looking for a planning process that can work for Pansters, Plantsers, and Plotters? This service is for you! 


With this service, you'll build a Story Plan for your own story idea by using my five steps--a team of templates I've designed to guide your structure, many of which were inspired by Story Grid. I spent years convincing myself I didn't need a story plan; my writing life changed once I started using one.


I've designed the 5-Step Story Plan to save you from the lost time and agony that trapped me for a decade. With a strong foundation, I believe you will find not only valuable reminders to why you're writing your story (when you're writing it), but also direction on where to go and how to revise when you get lost. Well-crafted Story Plans take time, but they get the job done.    


How does it work? 

Working on a monthly basis, we'll schedule one call a week to discuss your Story Plan's progress, as well as review the next step in the Story Plan process. I will then give you a writing assignment to complete this next step and a deadline for you to submit it to me (that same week). I will provide you feedback on this assignment (which you discuss with me over email) to guide your revision process with intention that motivates action. We will discuss your final submission in the following week's call.


The goal here is to support your story plan process in a quick and efficient way, without every stifling your creative freedom. 

What do you get?

  • Free consultation call to discuss your story idea and service details 
  • Hour long videoconference or phone calls to discuss how your story applied the week's outlining assignment, thoughts to keep moving forward, and the outlining lesson for the following week's assignment. 

  • Story Plan/Outline templates for each week's lesson

  • Constant communication via email throughout the planning process (response to inquires no later than 48 hours)


  • $650/month

  • add $50 for each additional writer in writing teams