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Hi! I'm Abigail

and I love stories, especially ones that celebrate women with plots driven by the emotional journey--and fantasy everything. I also love teaching writers how to outline a story without being restricted by over-analytical outlines.


If this is you, I'd love to connect! Send me an email or sign up for a free 30-minute chat. I'm here for you, to listen or talk or learn. 


Online sharing is great but we're losing some of that good and hearty story-lover-to-story-lover companionship.


I want to be able to share my stories and learn from yours without fear of being judged or underestimated. My teaching years have taught me how terrifying and vulnerable it can be to share your stories with others, but I also genuinely believe that sharing our stories is one of the best gifts we can give this world.


Stories teach and challenge us to become our most fulfilled self, and I'm excited and encouraged by growing together as storytellers, with you and all the writing, publishing, and production communities. Until next time!

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