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Writing Workshops

There’s tremendous value to 1-1 writing relationships. There’s also tremendous value to collaborating with a group of kindred creatives searching for a safe and supportive environment to grow their writing craft. Although writing a story can feel natural to you–or a journey you need to complete alone–writing workshops can give you the background education needed to level up and master your craft.

In my online writing workshop, the Rising Writer’s Masterclass, you’ll study theoretical education on the craft of writing while meeting and networking with a group of people with common interests. This learning environment makes for engaging and meaningful discussions impossible without diverse perspectives, and it establishes routines and deadlines that will test your limits while keeping writing fun. Additionally, you’ll work in groups to take implicit lessons from best-selling writers and experienced editors and explicitly apply them to your craft, which you’ll have the opportunity to share with the group using Story Grid’s Scene Analysis Template.

This workshop is best for writers looking to establish disciplined habits with deadlines that keep them accountable, grow their writing craft, feed their love for learning, partake in group discussions on storytelling, learn practical (and multiple) writing and editing tools, principles, and practices, follow a program with guided curriculum, and learn how to read/screen like a writer (instead of a reader).

If this sounds like the match for you, you’re probably perfect for the Rising Writer’s Masterclass!

Rising Writer’s Masterclass

The Rising Writers’ Masterclass is a 6-month workshop offered to a limited number of 12 writers. It’s a wonderful opportunity to grow your writing craft and write your story with an experienced teacher and community of enthusiastic and disciplined writers. 

Here are some of the topics you’ll learn:

Read/Screen Like a Writer

In the first two months, we’ll take a deep dive into Story Grid tools and principles, from mastering SG’s 12 genres to the five commandments to foolscaps.

Here, you’ll have the opportunity to zero-in on your WIP’s genres, build a Story Plan, and more.

Grow Your Craft

In the second two months, we’ll take your craft to the next level, studying a variety of craft resources on characters, plot structure, setting, dialogue, scenes, and more. Masters covered include, but are not limited to, Story Grid, James Scott Bell, K.M. Weiland, and Gabriela Pereira.

During this time, you’ll work forward on your WIP, and are invited to share scenes of up to 2K with the group when pulled for the “hot seat.”

Build Your Platform and Prepare for Publishing

Too often writers finish their manuscript and don’t know what to do next. During the last two months of the RWM semester, I’ll teach you how to build your platform and prepare for the publishing and/or production world–from indie publishers to querying (and getting!) agents.

Join the RWM Team!

Investment: $499/Month

4% of Proceeds Donated to 826 National

“826 is the largest youth writing network in the country.” They “serve as an international proof point for writing as a tool for young people to ignite and channel their creativity, explore identity, advocate for themselves and their community, and achieve academic and professional success.”

By providing and inspiring writing and educational opportunities to underserved children, 826 helps youth find their voice and communicate their stories, from tutoring to publishing, presentations, and beyond.

Yes! I want to join RWM’s next session!

The Rising Writer’s Masterclass is limited to 12 students to ensure that you personalized attention from me while learning and networking with everyone else.

To be eligible, you must complete an application to determine if this learning environment is the best fit for your writing craft goals and needs. I cannot consider anyone who does not submit the application form, and I do not accept everyone who applies. If selected, I’ll contact you with additional information.

Thank you for your consideration, and don’t hesitate to reach out with questions, or request a 20-minute consultation call!

The next RWM starts June 2020

All applications are due May 10, 2020 and all accepted applicants will hear from me by May 17, 2020.

Note: If you are not selected, you will not be notified. Thank you, and good luck!